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Home Grown: Kiss melons sweeter than cantaloupe


YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - The Kiss melon line consists of many different types of melons for all tastes.

Quality control manager, Diana Russell and her husband Milas own Savor Fresh Farms. They have grown the Kiss Melon line in Yuma and in the Central and Imperial Valleys of California.

Milas Russell started by growing cantaloupe and honeydew, but he realized his little farm couldn't compete with the much bigger farms. The couple knew they needed to figure out a way to get a one up on the other farms.

They travel to Chile and stumbled across a melon without a name.

They decided to call it French Kiss and that planted a seed in their head to start the Kiss Melon line.

The Sugar Kiss melon is the most popular for its unique flavor.

"Sugar Kiss has a softer meat and it is super, super sweet," Diana said.

For a lighter taste buds, Diana recommends the Summer Kiss melon that has a different look.

"And then, you have the Summer Kiss which has a little bit more, it's a milder flavor," Diana explained. "It has green flesh as opposed to the Sugar Kiss which has orange flesh."

Melon season starts in May and goes through November. Diana says the flavor of the melon is consistent throughout the entire season.

With five different kinds of Kiss melons each with a unique flavor. There's one saying their brand lives by.

"We always say, there's a kiss for every desire," Diana said.

The Kiss melon line can be found in big grocery retailers, including Sam's Club in Yuma.

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