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Yuma County Coronavirus

Your questions answered during Dr. Christ COVID-19 vaccine town-hall

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Doctor Cara Christ holding a tele-town hall Wednesday evening to specifically talk to those living in parts of the county with low vaccination rates.

Millions of Arizonans have been vaccinated very few adverse reactions reported according to the doctor.

“So we know the vaccines are safe, they have gone through rigorous studies by our federal partners. This covid-19 vaccine is has been held to the same safety standards, as all of the vaccines we use. And with any medication, there are some side effects your immune system is going to respond to, that's exactly what your immune system is going to do,” Dr. Christ explained.

However, some are still hesitant to get the shot and are nervous that they could have an allergic reaction.

“There are very few ingredients and the only concrete indication really is an allergy to one of the specific ingredients in the vaccine that required somebody to get epinephrine or you know, caused anaphylaxis and your throat close up you can’t breathe.”

Another question locals are wondering about is if you contract COVID-19 how long do you wait to get the vaccine.

"Normally if we recommend if you just had covid and it was a mild case and you were at home we recommend that you wait the 10 days. After you're diagnosed or after the onset of your symptoms so that you don't pass it on to people at the vaccination site, but if you were asymptomatic and you just showed up and we didn't know you had covid we would still vaccinate you because it's that important," Dr. Christ replied.

Dr. Christ also touched on how long the vaccine is effective for.

“We don't know how long the vaccine is going to provide protection. What we do know is that it's at least six months at this point, what we're anticipating is we may need a booster every year like we do with the influenza shot. I know that some of the drug manufacturing companies are looking at having covid and influenza combination shots so you only have to get one,” she said.

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