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Mayor Nicholls talks Coronavirus in a rural community, urges community to social distance

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 Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls urged the community to practice social distancing in a sit down with News 11. 

“It’s something that’s a little bit concerning, actually it’s a lot concerning,” said Mayor Nicholls. 

While the community is struggling with the fact that graduations and prom events are being canceled or postponed, some are taking it upon themselves to create their own at home, inviting several guests, explained Mayor Nicholls. 

He wants to community to understand the importance of social distancing and staying at home.

“When someone has a party or a makeshift prom and there are a couple of hundred people there. Well, those people could be interacting with someone with the virus, and maybe they get sick and maybe they don’t but they could take that virus home and then it puts their family at risk,” said Mayor Nicholls. 

He added he and the Yuma Union High School District are working together to plan for a future 

“We will have senior proms after this virus passes through, we’re going to work with them on venues trying to make sure we can accommodate that,” said Mayor Nicholls. 

He said there isn’t a set date yet, but said the sooner the community practices social distancing and stopping the spread the sooner it can happen. 

News 11 also explained that he is fighting for resources for the Yuma community.

Mayor Nicholls explained there is a lack of resources across the board, but he's been in contact with Governor Doug Ducey and The State of Arizona demanding resources in Yuma County. 

“I’ve talked to the hospital on a regular basis. I’ve talked to our local labs, just to get everything in line and make sure we’re testing for the Yuma Community. The only tests available are actually the swab tests that get sent out of town,” explained Mayor Nicholls. 

The Yuma mayor added trying to get testing in a short amount of time is the goal they are working to reach.

Mayor Nicholls also addressed the economy in Yuma and how the city will rebuild once the pandemic passes. 

“It’s going to take focused attention by our citizens. Buy local. Support what’s going on here in our community as much as you can and as we get through it and get back to where we don’t have to worry about social distancing as much.”

In the meantime, the City of Yuma is under a State of Emergency. All restaurants are in take-out mode and the Mayor has asked those under the age of 18 to be home by 9 p.m.

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