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Community reacts to Beirut explosion

EL CENTRO, Calif. (KYMA, KECY)- Right now in Beirut they are in complete darkness. There is no electricity. 

And many are unable to contact family members nearby and abroad. 

A Yuma woman, of Iranian descent, says she worries for her family and friends. 

“I never know how close it's going to be to my family, I do have friends not only in Iran but in the middle east and also in Beirut where it hit, I have friends over there not immediate family but friends but I don’t even know I still have to reach out to them through Facebook or Instagram to know if they’re ok,” said Zarmineh Moody.

The country has gone through decades of war and just a couple months ago mass protests took over the streets of Lebanon known as the “October revolution” 

which protested a series of issues from climate change to full-scale rejection of the country government.

“I’m still praying for my family over there you know, and to be honest I want to see my family and I haven’t seen my family since 1989 because I’m scared.” 

"Unfortunately what happened is a true disaster we do have many in the communities, Lebanese individuals, as families and I've seen on social media they're asking their family members in Beirut and making sure they are safe," said Imam Taha Hassane,Director of the Islamic Center of San Diego.

Currently the Lebanese Red Cross is on the ground providing help. To make a donation to its rescue efforts click here.

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