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New minimum wage increase could impact local businesses

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY, KSWT)-The New Year will bring pay raises to thousands of workers in Arizona and California who earn minimum wage.

On January 1, 2020, the minimum wage in Arizona will go up by a full dollar to $12 an hour.

It's the last major increase under Proposition 206, the Minimum Wage and Paid Time Off Initiative passed by voters in 2016.

Beginning in 2020, the minimum wage will rise at the same rate as the cost of living.

One local employee and mother, Angelica Carillo, has worked in a local store in San Luis, Arizona for over 10-years. In all of her time there she has only received two pay raises.

“Well as the minimum wage is expected to increase in the state of Arizona, local employees in San Luis are looking forward to it," said Carillo.

Carillo stresses that this pay raise is about time, she said it's difficult to make ends meet living paycheck to paycheck. That even though it's just a dollar it makes a tremendous difference for her and her family.

“For someone with a family like me, it puts more toward in our pockets and in our savings," said Carillo.

She tells News 11 that she hopes there will be more raises to come in the state of Arizona.

“I hope they continue to do it, so we can live better and not paycheck to paycheck," said Carillo.

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Carmen Valencia

Carmen Valencia joined KYMA in early September of 2018 as a multimedia journalist.


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