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VIDEO: Wisconsin man’s dream home crushed

(KYMA, KECY/NBC) - Wisconsin man's dream home was crushed by a tree during Monday's storm.

In Madison, Wisconsin, Gregg McDonald was able to escape his home before it got crushed.

Not only did the storm damage McDonald's home, it caused damage across Madison.

The home was crushed by a huge tree while McDonald was still inside and was able to escape without an injury.

McDonald explains "It sounded like a train coming by my house...just vroom, so I got up to look out my back door, and right when I stood up, all of a sudden the tree must have hit my house. And everything came down, all around me. The whole ceiling just came down so I just sat back down and I put my hands over my head."

This house was McDonald's home for 24 years and was his dream house.

Neighbors of McDonald has kindly offered their services and support.

Faith Rodriquez

NBC News


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