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YRMC warns of possible ‘fourth wave’ of COVID-19

Nurses urge booster shots as hospitalizations rise - Fox 9's Adam Klepp reports

YUMA (KECY-TV, KYMA-TV) - More than 60 people are now hospitalized with COVID-19 at Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC), and that has the hospital fearing a fourth wave of the virus.

“I think it’s because people are more relaxed," YRMC Chief Nursing Officer Deb Aders says.

YRMC says, out of the 63 patients hospitalized for COVID, 12 have been vaccinated. That's 19%. Aders says this may show the shots' effectiveness declining.

“We’re finding these are people who had their vaccines in December of last year or January,” Aders said.

Aders says people should consider getting their booster shot 6 months after their initial vaccination.

While the number of vaccinated people hospitalized at YRMC is higher than before, more than 95% of patients in the COVID ICU are unvaccinated.

The onset of flu season makes complicates the rise in hospitalizations. Doctors and nurses have to monitor the increase in those cases as well.

"We haven’t seen flu yet, it’s something we’re watching for every day," Aders said. "But it’s something we’re worried about."

YRMC only has two available beds in its COVID ICU as of Wednesday. 40 are filled. Aders says YRMC is looking for ways to make more beds available very soon.

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