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Recall election cost California millions of dollars

Costly process resulted in no change in state leadership - 13 On Your Side's Vince Ybarra reports

IMPERIAL COUNTY, Calif. (KECY, KYMA) - Almost $300 million was spent on the recall election, according to the state finance department. 

Political Science Professor, Steven Cauchon, said that he believes in a recall election but the standard for a recall election needs to be reevaluated. 

“I’m a proponent of having the recall process but I think this election showed how we might want to raise that bar a little bit,” said Cauchon. 

The money used to put on the recall election was tax payer money. 

“I do think that money could of used better elsewhere,” said Cauchon. 

He suggest a higher signature count for recalling a governor in the future. Cauchon said a higher signature count will help ensure a recall election is what Californians want. 

The California GOP lead the push for this recall election. Cauchon said they can really learn from this recall election fail. 

“I don’t think this bodes well for Republicans going into next year,” said Cauchon. 

He said that if the recall election is any indicator, the GOP should be worried for the California election in 2022. Cauchon said next years Gubernatorial Election will be one to watch. He is interested to see the approach the California Republican nominee will take.

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