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Yuma residents respond to new Biden vaccine mandate

Many still split over the new requirements for businesses with over 100 employees, Luis Lopez reports.

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Businesses in Yuma will now need to have their employees vaccinated if there are more than 100 employees.

The requirement comes as Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich filed the first lawsuit against the Biden administration for that very mandate.

With the pandemic raging on, President Biden is continuing to push the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Federal employees and contractors already must be vaccinated, regardless of how many employees at a specific agency.

Brnovich claims that the mandates are unconstitutional, and that they're "a power grab from the federal government"

Locally, many remain split on the issue. One local resident, Joshua Gonzalez says the mandate shouldn’t be limited to employees.

“I don’t know, I just think everyone needs to get vaccinated, no matter who, we got to keep everybody safe," Gonzalez said.

Employees who aren’t vaccinated will have to test for COVID-19 weekly.

If businesses don’t comply with the new mandates, they risk being fined thousands of dollars per employee.

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Luis Lopez

Luis Lopez is a MMJ covering both news and sports for both CBS 13 and NBC 11. Working his first professional newsroom job, Luis is a 2021 graduate of San Diego State University, where he majored in Journalism.

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