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Pre-Season Shoot helps local youth shooters

Luis Lopez

The event was held for it's fifth consecutive year as it tries to get kids more involved in the sport, Luis Lopez reports

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Local shooters are getting those final warm ups in before hunting season starts on Wednesday, Sept. 1. But one group on Sunday was helping the next generation of shooters while doing so.

Shooters helped the next generation by participating in the Pre-Season Shoot at the Yuma Trap and Skeet Club.

The event was held for its fifth consecutive year. Its purpose is to help kids who are interested in shooting.

Sunday's event supported the Yuma Young Guns, a local youth shooting team. Events like the Pre-Season Shoot help to keep costs down for those who want to join.

William Mcnutt, one of the people who helps coordinate the event, says that it can also help kids who may not know much about shooting yet.

"Teaching kids about firearms and safety is a great starting point, if you have an athlete that just hasn’t found his niche, shooting sports might be that niche,” Mcnutt said.

One kid who became interested previously was Katelynn Babb, who is now considered one of the Young Guns’ best shooters.

“I love doing it so much, and it means a lot,” Babb said.

Babb has gotten involved to the point where she’s even coaching younger shooters, she enjoys the fact that the event might be able to bring more people like her to the team.

“I come to the shoot every year to help kick off the season we get to show people like what we do out here so maybe they’ll get intrigued to come and shoot with us and join the team.”

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