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#1 password of 2020 was 123456

Federal Bureau of Investigation says too much is at stake to have simple passwords

PHOENIX, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - According to Splash Data a cyber security firm, in 2020 the most popular password used was 123456. Making the task for cyber criminals to steal information all to easy.

In 2013, communications giant Intel launched World Password Day. A global effort to combat against cyber criminals who make a living off of stealing other people's indentities.

The Phoenix Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation recommends that citizens use phrases as opposed to passwords. Assistant Special Agent Craig Moringiello warns that even if different characters are used an experienced hacker will be able to crack their password.

Agent Moringiello reports that during 2020, more than a thousand cases of identity theft were reported. In those cases the combined loss was just over $2 million.

The FBI recommends that you use passphrases instead and make sure to make them as long as the system allows. The also recommend that on May 6, 2021, World Password Day you alter all your passwords.

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