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Explosives missing from Twentynine Palms Marine base

(KYMA, KECY) - Explosives are missing in the largest United States Marine Corps base, Twentynine Palms.

On Tuesday, Jeff Houston of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service said an investigation had been opened into the disappearance of explosives from the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center.

A sister station said "close military ties" tells them that approximately 10 pounds of Composition C-4 disappeared during a training exercise two weeks ago. KESQ says sources also told the station that manufactured plastic explosives may have been stolen.

Houston did not specify what kind of explosives were missing, but base officials declined to comment.

Houston said he could not provide any details because of the probe.

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department and area law enforcement were notified that explosives were missing from the base, but their assistance was not requested.

Thousands of Marines from different units have been participating in a combat training exercise since January 15, although the training is scheduled to end on February 18.

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