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AWC’s harvest program donates to local food bank

The program is a joint effort between Arizona Western College and the Yuma Community Food Bank

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Volunteers, faculty and students came together at the Arizona Western College Agriculture Research Lab to harvest food for the Yuma Community Food Bank.

For the past year the school has been growing carrots. Pre-COVID-19, students would be completely responsible for the project. But, because of the pandemic, AWC faculty has had to step in. The gathering is part of a three-year program

The Yuma Community Food Bank has also partnered with the University of Arizona's Agriculture Center. Crops are grown and the food they harvest goes to feed those in need.

"Well one of the most beautiful things about living in Yuma, Arizona, especially in this ag community is that we're close-knit. We've been Yuma Strong throughout this entire COVID process, so knowing that the carrots that we grew here over the past year are going to help these families that are in need through the food bank, it brings it home for our students," said Tosha Gillipsie, Arizona Western College's director of agriculture.

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