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Saigon Pho Restaurant opens its doors this Thanksgiving to feed the community

Local small business owner in Yuma wants to give back this holiday season

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - The owner of Saigon Pho Restaurant in Yuma tells News 11 he wants to remain anonymous. Once a homeless orphan on the streets of Vietnam, he knows first-hand what it feels like to not have anywhere to go on holidays like Thanksgiving. Now, as a proud owner of a family-owned small business, he wants to give back to the community that has welcomed him with open arms.

Saigon Pho Restaurant opened its doors at 10 A.M. on Thanksgiving day and offered free food to the homeless and the less fortunate. After the doors closed, all the leftover food was distributed across town to make sure no one is left hungry.

Jonathan Porter, who acts as the public relations for the restaurant, tells News 11 this is something the owner has always dreamed of doing.

“He grew up in a poor town in Vietnam and he’s seen a lot of people on the streets and when he came here to the states he saw a lot of people homeless, hungry. He promised himself if he was ever in the position to do something about it, he would do something. And because the community reached out and made Saigon Pho a success, he wants to give back", said Jonathan Porter.

Saigon Pho Restaurant, located at E 32nd St. and Chiquita Drive, has been in business for roughly more than a year. It is the only authentically Vietnamese restaurant in Yuma, and has garnered a lot of support since its inception.

Next month, Porter said the restaurant plans to start a donation drive where people can come down and donate jackets, toys, and blankets which will then be distributed to the community.

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