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Mexicali man volunteers to be injected with an experimental COVID-19 vaccine

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Tribuna de San Luis

Film director Ernesto Herrera is the first Mexican in the world to undergo the COVID-19 vaccine trial

(KYMA, KECY) - A Mexicali man gets a trial stage of COVID-19 vaccine to discover the effectiveness of the application.

Tribuna de San Luis reports film director Ernesto Herrera lives in Spain but becomes the first Mexican to get a vaccine.

Before Herrera volunteered for the vaccine, researchers tested him for COVID-19 to make sure he didn't have the virus.

Sources say he received the first dose (of three) in September and recently received the second.

The third dose will be in December, but researchers won't know the final results to see if his body achieved immunity until November 2021.

Herrera says when doctors injected him, he felt a slight pain in his arm but didn't have any type of reaction.

"Those of us who have decided to apply the test vaccine are very aware of us, there is daily monitoring to see how we feel, the reactions of our body and there is a phone that we can call at any time of the day to feel something strange in our system, ” said Herrera.

Herrera says he maintains the hope that his effort and that of a whole team of laboratory researchers will positively affect. He adds that the clinical immunity vaccine COVID-19 becomes a reality, and with it dismisses the pandemic that has paralyzed the entire world.

"If I decided to apply this trial vaccine, it is because I am looking for this nightmare to end and soon we can all return to our normality," he added.

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