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Pueblo Elementary School wins A+ School of Excellence Award

News 11's Adonis Albright looks at how the pandemic has affected students' education

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Arizona’s Educational Foundation says Pueblo Elementary School has gone “above and beyond" when it comes to students' education. Principal Bobbie Henry tells News 11 this is a step in the right direction, especially during these unprecedented times.

Henry said this award shows that teachers' hard work is finally paying off, and that the news is a much needed boost in morale for educators, students and parents who have been coping with a whole new virtual world.

"The happiness that has been at school since we got that announcement is palpable, you can feel it", said Henry.

For students, it’s also an opportunity to continue succeeding academically.

“We believe that success breeds success, and so when kids know they’re being successful and they feel supported, that will just snowball and continue to happen, and I think that they will also feel that they can take risks.”

This is the first time Pueblo Elementary has applied for this annual award, and the first time they have received it. The school is among 44 others in Arizona who received the award. Each school is evaluated on areas including culture, leadership and community involvement.

"This was very validating - that we are doing what is best for kids - and it’s making a difference.”

News 11 also asked Principal Henry what steps were taken to ensure kids are getting an A+ education. She says it's the school's culture and belief that all children can succeed.

Pueblo Elementary was also awarded a school safety grant, which allowed them to bring on a full time counselor for students. This is a valuable resource for students who may be struggling to adjust to life during a pandemic.

"She [the counselor] can help provide lessons to our teachers that they can use within their classroom, she can meet with small groups of kids or individual kids with the parents' permission and provide that additional counseling.”

The School of Excellence award lasts for four years, and Pueblo Elementary's will expire in 2024.

Principal Henry emphasized she is beyond grateful for the hard work and dedication of parents, students and teachers who made this all possible.

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