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Hurricane Zeta hits Gulf Coast

Heavy rains and howling winds wreak havoc - NBC's Morgan Chesky has the latest

NEW ORLEANS, La. (KYMA, KECY/NBC News) - Hurricane Zeta made landfall Wednesday in Louisiana after intensifying into a category two storm.

It's another blow for the storm-battered Gulf Coast.

Zeta is the strongest hurricane to ever hit Louisiana this late in the season. It brought dangerous winds and torrential rain.

"Zeta is literally on our doorstep and the weather is degrading quickly as we speak." warned Gov. John Bel Edwards, (D-La.).

"Right before making landfall, Zeta's winds just one mile an hour shy of a category 3, and water in the marina was already rising." said NBC's Morgan Chesky.

New Orleans closed additional floodgates as the storm intensified. While on the ground, people rushed to get ready.

"The only thing between us and hurricane is God *** you know that's that's basically it."

Harold Smith lives outside the levees. His town is under a voluntary evacuation order, but he is staying put.

"We've had 5,6 7 storms and 3 days out every one of them had my address as the bull's eye." said Smith.

In a historic storm season, New Orleans was somehow spared until Wednesday. Hurricanes Laura and Delta both struck to the west. Hurricane Sally slid east.

Zeta's path, however, is now giving the city a direct hit.

"And this is by far the most challenging year yet."

There is still a month left in hurricane season.

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