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The first-time candidate talks about the race for Imperial City Council

Katie Burnworth

"It takes a village to raise kids and it's been my community, the neighbors that have helped me.."

IMPERIAL, Calif. (KYMA, KECY) - She's never run for political office before, but Katie Burnworth still wants to make a difference in her community.

Burnworth is a special project coordinator for the Imperial County Air Pollution Control District. She's also a candidate for the Imperial City Council.

Burnworth is a single mother and a fifth-generation resident of Imperial County.

“We need to focus on the heart of our town which is our residents and provide them with a nice street, a nice sidewalk you know we pay some of the highest taxes in Imperial County and I really do think we should get what we pay for.”

Burnworth says Imperial has done a great job of attracting people to move there but not on economic growth. 

“You know we can’t just go to the grocery store in Imperial because there really isn’t one and we aren't able to keep our taxes in our community."

She's also the widow of Jonathan Burnworth, a member of the IID dive team, and a Holtvile firefighter. He died in 2018 during a rescue mission.

She says the outpour of support she received after his death is one of the reasons why she wants to serve her community.

“Being a single parent is definitely not something that I chose, it's just you know kinda how the cards laid out, its a challenge for me that but you know when they say it takes a village to raise some kids, my village is awesome.”

Burnworth will be on the November ballot.


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Gianella Ghiglino

Peruvian-born and LA raised Gianella Ghiglino joins the team from the San Fernando valley. “LA is the place that taught me how to breath and Peru is my breath.” She says she was inspired by the community she grew up in and began documenting her experience through poetry at the age of 7. “I wrote about everything I saw, felt and everything that inspired me.” When she entered High School she joined her school news station and realized that broadcast journalism allowed her to pursue her passion and her purpose all at once. Gianella attended Cal State Northridge and received a Bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Spanish Broadcast Journalism, and Political Science. She did several internships while in College but most notably interned for PBS’s local LA station for three years. “My purpose is to share my story and of those in my community, my passion is writing.”


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