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Eight-hour delays at Mexicali checkpoints, due to traveler COVID-19 screening

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MEXICALI, B.C. (KYMA, KECY)-For the second time in Mexicali, they have installed a 'sanitary filter' at the border that causes delays to cross the border.

For American residents and citizens who frequently cross the Calexico-Mexicali border, the checkpoint the Mexicali government installed reflects a disorganization by the Mexican government.

Residents say the lines to cross are up to eight hours.

People complained about the long lines that reached the city of Heber.

The government in Mexicali insists that the coronavirus cases at the border have not dropped. However, the government says the checkpoints will continue on weekends in the East, West, and Los Algodones sentry boxes. The checkpoints keep monitoring the amount of beer intake, the use of covers mouths, and the number of travelers per car.

The results of last weekend's operation resulted in the seizure of 2,284 cans of beer, 124 motorists were referred for review by municipal medical services, 48 ​​vehicles were returned to the United States for various offenses as well as 28 fines were issued due to mouth coverings.

The new measure taken by the municipal government has mainly affected border workers. The government has implemented new restriction measures to prevent more people from becoming infected.

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