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Somerton School District seeks funding for new school

Somerton School District No. 11
Somerton School District 11

Plans are in the works for a new school to serve the South County

SOMERTON, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - The Somerton School District (SSD) is looking for additional funding to help build a new school for the South County.

Bajo el Sol reports, SSD says it has already secured a good location, accessible from Main Street. It says it is ready to assign a construction contract for a new school. The project is scheduled to start in the fall, but SSD is still waiting for approval to access funds.

The school district wants construction to start on time, because it doesn't want the project to go over budget. That would mean SSD would have to go back to its board and ask for more money.

Jerry Cabrera, project coordinator for the district says SSD is waiting to access more than $6-million in funding. The school board has already granted it $3.3-million for the new school. It's also requested $3-million from the School Facilities Board of the Department of Education.

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