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“We shouldn’t even by using plastic”

velkr0 / Flickr / CC BY 2.0; Pixabay

Local environmental professor talks about the impact of recycling

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY, KSWT) - Single-use plastic is causing disastrous damage to the environment. Although it is cheap and convenient to use, it comes at the expense of our planet.

“The products that we buy have a big impact because we can either choose to use things that have longer life spans in the first place, or we can choose to buy things that are disposable,” said Jacob Gibson, an environmental science professor at Arizona Western College (AWC).

The big problem with single-use plastic is that it’s rarely recycled and thrown right into the landfill.

“Yuma is going to have to build new landfills if we fill up this one or pay for the investment in recycling,” Gibson said.

AWC has recycling bins all over campus and the city of Yuma provides homes with recycling bins. However, most apartment complexes lack a recycling program and blue bins are hard to come by around the city.

Gibson thinks the reason people don’t take recycling more seriously is that "they see this great, big world and don’t believe they can make a difference."

But you can.

Starting by reducing plastic consumption is a small step to make a big difference.

Teagan Rasche

Teagan Rasche joined KSWT in October 2019. She is originally from Vancouver, Canada.


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