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YUHSD releases school letter grades

The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) announced its A-F School Accountability grades for the Yuma Union High School District ( YUHSD ), with Gila Ridge and San Luis improving by a full letter grade.

These are the grades for YUHSD campuses:

Cibola High School B Gila Ridge High School B Kofa High School C SanLuis High School C VistaHigh School C Yuma High School C

These grades measure subject proficiency, proficiency growth, graduation rates, acceleration and readiness measures, as well as college and career readiness. A culmination of these factors result in a percentage out of 100.

In order to get an ” A ” schools have to receive at least 86 points out of 100, as established by the State Board of Education.

Cibola and Gila Ridge High Schools received ” B ” grades, described as ” Highly Performing. ” In order to receive an ” A ” they would need to raise their state assessment scores, as well as their 4-year graduation rates.

The remaining High Schools received ” C ” grades, described as ” Performing. ” ADE says these schools have adequate performance, but need to improve on proficiency growth or graduation rates.

Both Gila Ridge and San Luis improved their grades for the 2018-2019 school year by a full letter grade.

Last year, Gila Ridge and San Luis both received a ” D ” . The ADE states the grade is not meant to stigmatize the schools, but rather to help identify schools in need of additional support.

“I’m so proud of those schools that worked hard and increased their letter grade,” said Board of Education President Luke Narducci . ” The point of the A-F letter grade system is to encourage continual improvement, and that should be celebrated. Thank you educators for your hard work and dedication to Arizona’s students. ”

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