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Low cost rabies vaccinations available for Imperial County residents

This weekend Imperial County residents can begin getting their pets vaccinated for rabies for less than $20.

The Imperial County Animal Control is bringing low costs vaccination clinics to residents in various scheduled locations from the months of November to February.

Armando Medrano, of the Imperial County Animal Control said getting the rabies vaccinations is vital to keeping you and your pets safe and healthy.

“We do have county ordinances that state that you must vaccinate your dog and license it with Imperial County. If you don’t provide the rabies vaccination you’re exposing your animals to get attacked or bitten from any wildlife or any other animals that are not vaccinated. So we’re just trying to control the diseases.”

Officials said that thanks to 2000 residents getting their pets vaccinated in 20-18 that there were no reports of pets contracting rabies. For a list of locations,that you can go to get your pets vaccinated you can click here.

KYMA News Team


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