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Celebrating Dia de los Muertos: A Mexican Tradition

A Mexican tradition that honors those who have passed with celebrations, music, dancing, or just a simple visit to the cemetery.

Dia de Los Muertos is celebrated every November 2nd, where it’s popularity is mostly in Mexico.

It’s a tradition where families create alters and place photos of loved ones who are no longer here, along with candles, decorations, candy skulls, and ofrendas.

Ofrendas are a collection of objects or food placed in a ritual display during the Dia de Los Muertos celebration. Food and drinks are also very important and part of the ofrendas.

The candles left on the altar are said to lead the way for the ones who have passed, back to their family on this special visit on Dia de Los Muertos.

Folkloric dance is a popular dance on that day that helps celebrate the tradition, along with several people who paint their faces to resemble skulls.

Maria Mcclain, a teacher from Ronald Reagan Elementary School, celebrates the holiday and sees the importance in teaching young kids about the holiday so the traditions pass on. She also emphasizes how even though death is a sad thing, it’s beautiful to be able to celebrate their lives on this special day.

Several students at the elementary already have families who celebrate the holiday and also participate in the school’s folkloric dance.

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