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Walmart, Sam’s Club begin selling at-home COVID-19 test kits online

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(KYMA, KECY/NBC) - Walmart and Sam’s Club are selling a series of at-home COVID-19 test collection kits online, the retailer announced on its corporate blog on Thursday.

Ranging in price from $99 to $135, the options available at and include the most basic at-home nasal swab kit shipped standard to an express-shipped COVID-19 + flu test.

The company is also offering a saliva sample testing option.

To get the test kit, customers must purchase a code that will provide access to a health survey. Once the survey is complete, a physicians’ order will be generated if it’s deemed appropriate, and the purchase is complete.

The kit is then mailed to the customer, who are to self-collect their sample and mail it to the lab for results.

Results can be expected within 24 to 48 hours after the test collection kit is received at the lab, according to Walmart. Some kits will come with a telehealth call if a positive result is received.

Walmart’s tests are available through myLAB Box, an at-home test collection company.

According to the retailer, Walmart and its partners currently support nearly 600 testing locations nationwide.

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