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Steve Nash returns to NBA

Former Sun getting good player vibes as a new head coach.

Since retiring from the NBA in 2015, Steve Nash is making a comeback into the league as a 1st time head coach.

The former Phoenix Suns guard was announced as the one taking the helm with the Brooklyn Nets last week.

Although there are questions about his inexperience at the position, the player vibes he has received have been positive so far.

Nets super star Kevin Durant has given his support for the Suns legend, going back to when they had time on the court together toward the end of Nash's NBA career.

In his 18-year NBA career, Nash has a laundry list of accomplishments.

Among them are 2 league most valuable player awards, making the all-star game 8 times and leading the NBA in assists for 5 seasons.

Rob Fram

Rob Fram rejoined the KYMA News Team in February 2010.

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