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Paraglider gives new meaning to “airbed”

Thrill-seeker pulls off stunt without getting out of bed

ALANYA, Turkey (KYMA, KECY) - A Turkish paraglider pulled off a huge stunt without even getting out of his pajamas.

Hasan Kaval, is well-known on YouTube for his sky-high antics. Recently, he pulled off something truly special from the comfort of his bed.

Kaval launched from the top of a mountain in southern Turkey with a mattress attached to a parachute. He had all the props with him, including a bedside table, a lamp, and of course, and alarm clock.

Kaval wore a sleeping mask fo the first part of his flight. When the alarm went off, he awoke to safely bring his bed back down to ground.

He said he staged the stunt because he wanted to experience comfort in the clouds.

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