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Flying cars may become a reality soon

Klein Vision/ APTN

New vehicle may cost as much as $700,000

(KYMA, KECY/CBS) - AirCar is currently working on a flying car prototype which may become available as soon as a few years.

The protoype is being made within European Aviation Safety Agency's (EASA) standards.

Its wings are retractable and includes a ballistic parachute along with a 160 HP BMW engine.

The flying car already has nearly 100 hours worth of test flights and 200 take-offs.

Klein Vision, the company behind the vehicle, is making the car as safe as possible under the EASA standards.

Co-Founder of Klein Vision Anton Zajac said, "Well, the certificate which has been achieved after 70 plus five hours and 200 takeoffs and landings. We have confirmed that the technology is built in compliance with all the safety regulations imposed by EASA."

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