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Boxer Felix Verdejo charged with killing pregnant girlfriend

(KYMA, KECY) - Puerto Rican boxer Félix Verdejo turns himself last Sunday to federal agents after his girlfriend was found dead.

CBS News reports Verdejo is being charged with kidnapping, carjacking, and internally killing an unborn child. Authorities say Verdejo punched Keishla Rodriguez in the face and injected her with a syringe filled with an unknown substance in a housing complex before tying her arms and feet with wire tied to a heavy block to her before throwing her off a bridge,

Police add Verdejo then shot Rodriguez's body as he stood on the bridge.

Her body was found two days later after she was reported missing and was identified via dental records.

Rodriguez's family tells CBS News the victim had called her mother before going missing and told her Verdejo was going to the house to see the results of a pregnancy test. The mother says Verdejo had repeatedly threaten Rodriguez not to have the baby, due to his career and family.

Verdejo is married with a young daughter but had known Rodriguez since middle school and since then kept in touch with her.

Verdejo (27-2, 17 knockouts) represented Puerto Rico at the Olympics in 2012, the same year he became a professional boxer competing in the lightweight division. However, his career was temporarily sidetracked after a 2016 motorcycle accident that put him in the hospital.

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