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AZ clinical trials testing antiviral pill which prevents coronavirus replication


Doctor says it could bring down viral levels in body

MESA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY/CBS) - An Arizona infectious disease lab is currently testing Molnupiravir through various clinical trials. Their research shows the antiviral pill has a direct impact on the COVID-19 virus.

And according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Biden administration plans on buying about 1.7 million pills if the Federal Drug Administration grants it emergency use authorization.

"Molnupiravir is an anti-viral that directly impacts the replication of the SAR COV2 virus, preventing it from replicating, and therefore bringing down viral levels in the body," says Dr. Anita Kohli.

Researches want to prove Molnupiravir will help patients recover more quickly, and even possibly keep them out of the hospital altogether.

Dr. Kohli hopes the pill can act as an extra layer of protection, potentially keeping someone from catching the virus after they've been exposed.

"The study works in that if you have been exposed to COVID-19 within the last five days and someone that you're living with has tested positive within the last three days, you're able to come in," continues Dr. Kohli.

However, she needs unvaccinated people to participate in these clinical trials where participants are given either Molnupiravir or placebo pills.

Since patients would be taking the pill from home, Dr. Kohli believes this anti-viral pill may be the easiest strategy to keep coronavirus numbers down.

She claims, "It would certainly be a good step forward if it does work. It is an oral pill taken twice a day. These are medicines that are easier to administer."

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