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USBP: Apprehensions down for first time since October

Yuma Sector seeing fewer migrants crossing after Federal Judge issues 'remain in Mexico' ruling - News 11's Arlette Yousif reports

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - The daily average of migrant apprehensions is down from 620 to approximately 500. It's the first downward trend since October 2020.

Some speculate it's due to a Federal Judge in Texas directing the Biden administration to reinstate a "remain in Mexico" policy. It forces migrants to wait in Mexico after being processed and given a court date. Either way, Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents are processing migrants much faster this week.

"That gives us a lot of opportunities to, you know, alleviate some of the capacity issues in our soft-side facilities and our detention areas. Part of the planning in trying to alleviate some of the capacity issues was trying to pipe in some remote case-working," says Yuma Sector Border Patrol Supervisor Vincent Dulesky.

Remote case-working allows agents from around the country to help process migrants in heavy traffic areas along the border, like in the Yuma Sector.

"Four, five, even eight days in custody because we’re trying to get that processing done. Now, we’re seeing more realistic times of two, three days," explains Dulesky.

The combination of agents working remotely as well as fewer apprehensions help reduce the number of migrants in holding facilities. For the first time in several months, all local holding facilities, including soft-sided facilities are no longer at max capacity.

"What fewer apprehensions mean is, it’s just good for everyone. You know, for those coming in the country illegally. They’re not having to wait too long in our holding facilities. We’re not getting bound up with more case files and processing to do and it means less migrants being introduced into the community," says Dulesky.

If the downward trend continues, some soft-sided holding facilities could possibly close down.

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