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Gov. Ducey prohibits universities from requiring COVID vaccines, face masks


The new order states students cannot be mandated to take the COVID vaccine or submit COVID-19 vaccination documents

PHOENIX (KYMA, KECY) - Arizona Governor Doug Ducey blocks Arizona State University's (ASU) policy requiring unvaccinated students to submit weekly COVID testing and the use of face masks.

Gov. Ducey's order states that students at all Arizona's public universities and community colleges are not required to get the vaccine or submit proof of documentations. They also can't be forced to wear masks.

But ASU President Michael Crow says Gov. Ducey and others opposed to the new policy may have misinterpreted the policy.

“I think what happened here was some people thought that we were requiring vaccinations, initially, which we weren’t,” Crow said. “I think that’s just gotten some people very upset, and hopefully, they’ll take a closer look at it. We’re allowing freedom of choice. So we expect vaccinations, but if you don’t get vaccinated, then you’ve got to follow CDC guidelines for institutions of higher education, which are quite clear.”

In a letter, the ASU policy states, "Students who do not provide proof of vaccination will have to wear a mask indoors and outdoors, submit to twice-weekly virus testing and do a daily online health check."

Gov. Ducey tweeted, "This policy is social engineering at its worst,” Ducey tweeted. “Health policy should be based on science, not virtue signaling. In America, freedom wins.”

Click here to read Gov. Ducey's Executive Order on protecting students.

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