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Mexicali sees spike in car crashes

MEXICALI, B.C. (KYMA, KECY) - Police officers in Mexicali say car accidents continue to increase due to lack of caution and speeding.

The Director of Public Security in Mexicali, Alejandro Lora, says more than 600 car crashes have been reported in the first three months of this year. From those accidents, 34 people have lost their lives.

Lora adds in 538 car accidents were reported in Mexicali, of which 17 people were killed. In the urban areas of the Mexicali Valley, 94 crashes were reported, and 17 people were also killed. Police urged the population to continue to follow traffic signs, above all, avoid drinking and driving.

Lora adds that an average of 100 fines is issued to people who continue to participate in high-speed races throughout the streets and main boulevards every week. He reiterates "drag racing" is unsafe and dangerous because it put other people's lives on the line. Lora says drives should respect traffic signs and, above all, drive responsibly.

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