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SLPD finds new way to honor its retirees

News 11's Crystal Jimenez shows us how the city is paying tribute to those who protected and served

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA,KECY) - The San Luis Police Department (SLPD) is starting a new project that honors it’s fellow retirees.

Retired officers are getting a special retiree badge they can put in their wallet.

The badge isn’t a real badge active police officers hold, and cannot be used the same way.

The idea stemmed as a way to show appreciation after officers serve their community.

Lieutenant Santana said, being a police officer is a lifestyle, a career, and by doing this it shows retirees will forever be a part of the force. 

Monday on the Early Edition News 11’s Crystal Jimenez speaks to a retired San Luis police officer about his life after the force. 

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