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SLRC doctors recovering from side effects from COVID-19 vaccine

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Tribuna de San Luis


Tribuna de San Luis reports both doctors that presented side effects such as fever and muscle pain days after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine are now in good health.

Doctors say although these side effects and reactions are normal, it will be different for each person.


Healthcare workers continue to monitor side effects after getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Tribuna de San Luis reports José David Portillo López, a family doctor and an emergency physician at the hospital, was the first person to receive the Pfizer vaccine on January 13.

He said that he experienced arm pain and a cold after receiving the vaccine. To which he was treated with medicine instantly.

"The day after the vaccine, when I went to bathe, I began to feel mucus, but I took some pills, and it was controlled," he shared and explained that both he and his colleagues continue to share their experiences.

However, he says that two doctors did present fever and muscle pain after a couple of days, so they were under more rigorous observation.

The doctor adds, “We are supposed to spend 72 hours under observation, reporting, and checking. There are those who had a headache, had a fever, pain in the body, among other symptoms. We will have the symptoms supervised, but for the general population they should be aware of meeting the necessary requirements, as they could present complications," he concluded.

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