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Sonoran governor and U of A sign agreement on education

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HERMOSILLO, Sonora (KYMA, KECY) - The Governor of Sonora signed an agreement on Tuesday with the University of Arizona (U of A) allowing Sonoran students to continue their education at a discounted fee.

Gov. Claudia Pavlovich says this new agreement gives students a chance to apply for a career or postgraduate degree at U of A.

The agreement was signed by the Secretary of Education and Culture, Víctor Guerrero González, and Robert C. Robbins, president of U of A.

"We are a mega-region that for years we have had unbreakable relationships and ties between us, Governor Ducey and my team have made a great effort to really bring benefits to our citizens of both Arizona and Sonora," said Pavlovich.

Some of the benefits this agreement offers are the Preferential Payment Program. It allows Sonoran students enrolled in person at U of A to get a 50% discount on the international student fee. Under the Distance Education Program, students can register with a resident fee from their place of origin.

Juan Ciscomani, advisor for Regional and International Affairs in Arizona Governor Doug Ducey's office described the agreement as a historical moment which strengthens the Sonora-Arizona mega-region that impacts student quality.

"I am very excited about this agreement to provide partial scholarships for residents of Sonora, with this agreement we make the education of the University of Arizona more accessible to Sonora, thank you, Governor Claudia Pavlovich, for your continued collaboration" reaffirmed Robert Robbins, the president of U of A.

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