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The countdown to Tokyo gets underway

Olympic games set to begin in one year - NBC's Keir Simmons has a progress report

TOKYO, Japan (KYMA, KECY) - The countdown to the Toyko Olympics has begun...again. Thursday marked one year to go until the opening ceremonies.

It's unprecedented - the Tokyo 2020 Olympics now scheduled for the summer of 2021 was another victim of coronavirus. And now, a new warning - if infections stay at current levels for 12-months, the president of the Olympic Organizing Committee says "we could hold the games."

He does say he's hopeful the venues will but ready, but that's hardly a question. Most are ready now.

The Japanese hosts have already spent 12-billion dollars on the games.

"We are now absolutely, absolutely concentrating on opening the Games next year." said Masa Takaya, the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee Spokesman.

"It will be a great symbol of survival." said NBC's Keir Simmons.

"This is going to be a symbol of unity and solidarity of humankind." Takaya responded.

Also not clear, whether there will be spectators, or what the Olympic village will look like. Organizers say they do plan to enforce social distancing.

"One of themes of Tokyo 2020 is sustainability and renewal, so old phones and laptops are being turned into medals. What better way to celebrate renewal and sustainability than watching Simone Biles take one of those gold medals. Keir Simmons, NBC News, London."

Olympic Countdown / Video

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