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Military Matters: Devil Dog receives Medal of Bravery


This 'Devil Dog' is unlike most

WASHINGTON D.C. (KYMA, KSWT, KECY) - U.S. Marines are known for their ability to engage and adapt to hostile situations. So to hear of a Marine being recognized for valor is not uncommon, but when the “Devil Dog” is literally a dog, now that's a little uncommon.  

Last week, the Medal of Bravery was awarded to “Bass” a Belgian Malinois who for the past six years has served overseas.

The award was the first of its kind and was created by Angels Without Wings a nonprofit aimed at acknowledging the valor working animals in combat.

Bass served in Iraq, Somalia, and Afghanistan as a bomb detection canine; as well as assisting our special forces.

All said and done, Bass detected more than 350 explosive devices and was involved in hunting down several high-value targets.

According to Angel Without Wings, the Medal of Bravery was inspired by the British version of the award, which was given to animals who served in combat.

Bass joins a long heritage of military animals stemming back to World War I when pigeons were used to communicate with soldiers on the front lines.  


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