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More unwanted guests arriving soon


Monsoon Season brings scattered showers which in turn creates puddles, perfect for breeding mosquitos

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - If you were to ask locals about their thoughts on the weather, chances are most comments would be less than positive. The Monsoon Season brings in high temps, increased humidity, and scattered showers.

But, if you could speak mosquito, they'd most likely be overjoyed about it. The warm temps make it perfect breeding weather.

Add that to puddles left behind by recent rainfall and you have the perfect conditions to raise an army of blood-sucking virus-spreading aerial menaces.

In a recent report released by the Yuma County Health District mosquitos tested positive for both West Nile and St. Louis Encephalitis

So, how can you protect yourself? Francisco Alvarez with Hitman Pest Control says first and foremost you have to check your property.

Alvarez says that items like old tires, buckets, and even toys can accumulate water making for a perfect breeding ground for the insects. He adds that pest control companies can treat your property to reduce the mosquito population around you.

Another major issue is unmaintained swimming pools which can make for a major issue for entire neighborhoods. Sprays that contain DEET, Citronella Candles, and insect traps that use a black light have also proven to be useful to deter mosquitos.


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