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SPECIAL REPORT: ‘Balancing the Border’ what’s left to be done amid a new administration

News 11's Brandon Mejia patrols with agents to learn more in this exclusive report

YUMA COUNTY, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - It has been almost a month since President Biden took office and within his first few weeks came more than a dozen executive orders.

The administration said the orders are aimed at changing or enforcing new policies that differ from the previous administration.

They come as the Yuma Sector completes its portion of the Trump-era border wall. However, portions throughout the sector remain vulnerable according to Special Operations Supervisor Vincent Dulesky. Portions where the wall was never installed.

"The ideal scenario would be for all 126 of our responsible miles to have some kind of infrastructure in them." Said agent Dulesky. "Some kind of pedestrian infrastructure that an average person can't just walk through, complete with lightning and detection system"

Stretching over 85 miles east of the San Luis port of entry is lighting infrastructure equipped with technology laying desolate in the dirt.

Construction was halted on Jan. 27 and contractors were told not to continue with the installation according to the Yuma Sector.

"Whether we get them or not is up to the legislature," Agent Dulesky explained. "We are thankful for the resources we got it kind of does make our job a little easier and if we do get more we’ll be grateful for that as well."

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Brandon Mejia

Brandon Mejia joins the news team as the evening anchor for KSWT. You can catch him weeknight at 6 and 10 p.m.

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