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Post-COVID syndrome to blame for unexplained health problems

Patients report symptoms up to one year after contracting virus - 13 On Your Side's Arlette Yousif reports

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Doctors are learning more and more about COVID and its long-term effects for those who contracted the virus. Post-COVID syndrome has no prejudice, but it is more common in those who have been hospitalized.

Many people who do not fully recover from coronavirus have lingering symptoms for several months or more.

"Around 1/3 of the patients who get discharged from the hospital will get chronic symptoms. Three out of 10 or around four out of 10 will eventually end up having symptoms for a very long time," says Yuma Regional Medical Center Dr. Brahat Magu.

Some people experience dizzy spells for several months. Other’s may still have issues with their sense of taste and smell.

"The most common symptom is fatigue. You know, up to 87% of patients who do get post-COVID syndrome get fatigued," explains Dr. Magu.

Dr. Magu says that some patients still have shortness of breath and chronic cough even though they had COVID back in July of last year.

"You know, how far that lingers, we don’t know yet. You know, especially for the patients who never entered the hospital," says Dr. Magu.

Dr. Magu says post-COVID syndrome can impact younger people as well, even if they were not hospitalized. Anyone who notices any of these symptoms after having COVID should consult with a doctor.

"Very severe COVID infection is a disease, which involves blood clots and that’s the primary source of the future complication and the subsequent issues with COVID," explains Dr. Magu.

The long-term effects of COVID can be serious for people who are otherwise healthy. They can develop blood clots in the lungs and arteries.

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