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Imperial County Coronavirus

BOS says individuals caught prioritizing vaccine list face suspension

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County leaders will not allow anyone to "jump the line" - CBS 13's Alexandra Rangel reports

EL CENTRO, Calif. (KYMA, KECY) - The Imperial County Board of Supervisors says jumping the line to get the COVID-19 vaccine will not be tolerated in Imperial County.

In a 4-1 vote, the board voted Tuesday to suspend anyone caught showing favoritism with the coronavirus vaccine rollout.

“If any of the members participating alter the prioritization, that they be removed," said Ryan Kelley, District 4 board member.

Kelley added that he knew of one agency that may have administered vaccines to individuals not on the tier 1 phase of the vaccine rollout, but details were not disclosed.

“I am aware of one, that took advantage of the situation, so they were a part of the planning, they knew what the priorities were and they still took advantage of the situation," said Kelley.

Other board members agreed saying, nobody should be jumping ahead of first responders or those on the high risk list.

Kelley made it clear that the suspension would not encompass an entire agency, but instead on individuals that violated the county's vaccine regulations.

Currently there are 15 different agencies in Imperial County that are enrolled in the the states vaccine rollout program and that are cleared to administer vaccines.

The list includes the health department, county hospitals, dialysis centers, correctional facilities, and several pharmacies.

About 42 other local agencies and pharmacies are pending enrollment in the program.

With in increase of shipments expected, the health department said help is needed to vaccinate as many people as possible in the coming months.

The county health department addressed their concerns to the board, saying a vote like this one could discourage agencies from participating in the vaccine rollout program, at a time when they are needed.

Ultimately the board decided a "heavy hand" was needed to prevent any future nepotism that may arise during the vaccine rollout.

District 5 board member Ray Castillo, was the only vote against the motion and said he would prefer an advisory notice be sent out first to local agencies before taking any further action.

The county health department said they do have planned to send a notice to all participating agencies.

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Alexandra Rangel joined KSWT in March 2019 as a multimedia journalist.


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