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Less than 80% of Arizona’s roads are in acceptable conditions


Data reveals how roads fare across the nation

Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - The United States Senate recently passed a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill that will go into repairs and other projects across the country, among them being roads that were in need of this restructuring.

The White House Infrastructure Fact Sheet revealed data showing the overall conditions of roads in each state.

Data shows that 79.1%, or 12,113.4 miles, of Arizona's roads are in acceptable condition.

Poor road conditions have been found to be linked to reduced safety, more traffic and increased vehicle costs.

In comparison to Idaho which was rated to have the best roads in the state, and scored 96.% (3,968 miles) of roads in acceptable condition.

At the bottom of the list is Rhode Island with only 49.7% (849.2 miles) of roads in acceptable conditions, followed by New Jersey and Hawaii.

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Marcos Icahuate

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