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Gymnastic fans in Phoenix rise early to show support

Family, friends, and fans gather to cheer on Jade Carey - 12 News' Jen Wahl reports

PHOENIX, Ariz. (NBC News) - It was a packed house this morning at Jade Carey’s gym in Phoenix - the Arizona Sunrays. Her fans there were sending their loud support to Tokyo. An unexpected opportunity for one of Arizona’s own.

Family, friends, and fans got up early Thursday morning to watch her compete on the worldwide stage in Tokyo. 

Screams from gymnasts at Jade Carey’s Phoenix gym filled the room Thursday morning as Jade Carey competed hard.

"What’s it been like for you to get to watch Jade on the worldwide stage?"

“It’s so cool because I go to gym with her. I use the exact same equipment as her it’s every kids dream to go to a big start place where they like practice and stuff. It’s just awesome” 

Carey’s home gym teammates came dressed in support of her.. waving signs.. and cheering when it was her turn to shine. 

The watch party, a last minute plan after Simone Biles stepped out of the Olympics for mental health reasons, and Carey stepped in. 

"When I found she was competing all around, I was extremely excited for her and extremely excited she got to be a part of that and she did really well," said Jade’s bar and floor exercise coach at Arizona Sunrays, Pam Evans.

"Couldn’t have been more proud. I’m just so proud. This has been quite a journey. To represent our gym and the united states the way she did today was amazing” 

Evans even hinted at Jade possibly throwing out a new trick in the floor finals in a few days. 

“A triple twisting double back in a laid out position. So Simone does that move in a tucked position. So it would be named after her if she competes it in the competition,” 

Jade Carey isn’t done yet.. she’s expected to compete in the event finals in Tokyo in a few days.

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