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New Mexico Police investigate teen mom who threw away baby in dumpster

Mother admits to throwing away newborn

N.M. (KYMA, KECY/ CNN) - Surveillance video captured footage of a teen mom throwing away her baby in a New Mexico dumpster.

The 18-year-old mom admitted to throwing away her baby after delivering it and is currently facing charges.

Joe Imbriale, a business owner, said, "What are what are we looking for here? I turned around, she goes, 'we're looking for somebody that dumped a black garbage bag in the dumpster.' And I said 'please do not tell me you was a baby,' and she grabbed my shoulder and said, 'yes.'"

Imbriale was asked by police to look at surveillance video from his store's cameras, then he stated, "this should not have happened. There's other ways to give a baby away, but you don't dump it. You just don't. I'm sorry."

Footage shows a white car pull next to the dumpster and then a woman grabbed a black bag to throw in the trash.

"The girl just drives up like it's a piece of trash, reaches in the back of a car, dumps it. It just drives off. No remorse," continued Imbriale.

On the night of the incident, a group of people went searching through the dumpster and discover the black bag then the police was called.

Investigators were able to find the suspected vehicle as well as the suspect herself.

18-year-old Alexis Avila confessed to giving birth and then throwing the baby in the dumpster shortly after.

She is scheduled for a hearing on Monday and the baby was taken to a hospital in stable condition.

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