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Phoenix officers search for new jobs after vaccine mandate announcement


Some possibly to move to other departments

PHOENIX, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY/CBS) - After the announcement of a vaccine mandate for the Phoenix Police Department, many officers began to look for jobs in other areas.

Glendale Police Department Detective Tom Sye speaks on how he started receiving calls after this announcement.

"Pretty much right away we started taking phone calls and emails and messages," said Detective Sye, though he didn't reveal exactly how many inquiries he got.

He explained how it was a bittersweet feeling to receive so many applications.

Sye continued, "We can get them out on the street faster, they are already trained they don't have to go through the academy that can take several months to a year to get through... I can't imagine the pressure and what it would be like to hire 200 people or 300 people."

That number isn't too far off as the Phoenix Police Department said they had about 250 job openings earlier this year.

Mesa PD has also been getting calls about hirings, as both they and Glendale PD aren't requiring vaccinations.

These two police departments also offer signing bonuses.

Moving from one station to another does still have some downsides.

"It is a major decision, even if you are a person that has a short time on maybe 1-3 years, you're still giving up some seniority and different benefits," explained Detective Sye.

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