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While the warriors fight, criminals look to cash in on their absence

The Better Business Bureau warns military families of scams

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - It's a page taken out of the coward's war book, lying in wait while the warriors are away. Scammers target military spouses left behind to manage the home.

According to John Hessinger, the Community Development Director for the Better Business Bureau serving the Pacific-Southwest says scammers pray on spouses who are overwhelmed and stressed.

Scammers use ploys like fake insurance claims and housing opportunities. Since military families are known for having to relocate after each tour scammers use their urgency and desperation against them.

Scammers play the odds, calling as many families as possible in search of that one family in the process of relocating. With their loved ones fighting abroad, many are left to find a new home, a new school for their children among a dozen other factors.

But, the BBB wants military families to be on high alert and question everything. Hessinger says that they should reach out to the BBB if they believe that there is even a remote chance that it could be a scam.

The BBB has an entire webpage dedicated to tracking and investigating possible scams.

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