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Monsoon Season may put you in danger of having a heat stroke

Warmer temps and high humidity can cause the body to overheat and can be deadly

SAN LUIS, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - It's no secret Monsoon Season is upon us. And, that means warmer temps, higher than normal humidity, scattered showers, and high winds. Now, for the most part, those living in the Desert Southwest have conditioned themselves for the warm temps.

But, it's the humidity that can cause major problems. Humidity causes one's sweat to stick to the skin instead of evaporating cooling the body. So, your body temperature rises, which kicks your heart into high gear, and from that point, it becomes a domino effect.

That's why Nurse Practitioner Clarisse Ngueha-Nana with the San Jose Integrated Clinic in San Luis says everyone has to be mindful of what their body is saying. Ngueh-Nana says that it will start with excessive sweating, a headache nausea, and possibly vomiting.

From there, victims can pass out and in many cases injure themselves in the fall. Ngueha-Nana warns that if the person isn't placed in a shaded area the loss of oxygen to the brain can be deadly.

Ngueh-Nana recently opened a new office in San Luis. The San Jose Integrated Clinic will host grand opening on July 8th.

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