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The Yuma Territorial Prison turns 145-years old

Museum Curator Tina Clark says "this place will enlighten the young people and warm the hearts of the older generation"

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Towering over the City of Yuma is the guard tower at the Yuma Territorial Prison. The structure has become the city's version of a lighthouse.

In so many words it acts as a beacon to those traveling on the interstate and in most cases, a detour is in order. Around the world, the Yuma Territorial Prison is known for its ties to the old west and the paranormal.

The prison opened on July 1, 1875, the prison started with just two cells, built by their first guests, seven prisoners. Through the years the prison housed some of the west's most ruthless criminals.

Today, the Yuma Territorial Prison turns 145-years old and is now a museum linking visitors to a past not long forgotten. The museum's curator Tina Clark invites the public to come out and see how business was done in the old west.

Now, the territorial prison is perfect for those interested in the evolution of firearms, those wondering where the saying old ball and chain came from, or maybe someone looking for a thrill, and for those few the dark cell is open for business.

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