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‘Power Red’ program can save twice as many lives with just one donation

The American Red Cross is screening for possible Power Red donors

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Every two seconds an American is in need of blood, that's according to the American Red Cross. In order to keep blood on the shelves, the red cross would need 13,000 donations, each and every day.

The blood collected at drives throughout the country go to help patients in a variety of way. According to the American Red Cross each blood donation could save up to three people.

But, if you qualify to be a 'Power Red' donor, your donation could save double that amount. The procedure is simple, similar to giving blood, except with an added process.

The process includes using a cell separator which separates your blood from your plasma and platelets. The plasma and platelets are then returned to the donor along with saline.

So, with the plasma removed, they're left with red blood cells.

According to the American Red Cross many donors have reported feeling energized after the procedure. To qualify, you have to be screened and that's as easy as visiting a blood drive.

Once screened, the American Red Cross will reach out to all qualified donors and schedule them for a donation. Now, if you're interested in doing your part you can log on to the American Red Cross Website or download the mobile app.

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